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What is your WHY! - Group talk week commencing 20/09/2021

What is your WHY!

We are here to lose weight, but WHY!

Can you give me an immediate response... right now honestly!

A WHY isn't a one size fits all, as individuals we are all motivated differently.

The key to determining you WHY is to ask yourself: WHY do I really want to lose weight? WHY is it important to me?

By identifying your WHY it will help motivate you through the good and not so good days to achieve your goal.

Stay committed

Can you remember that person that gave up?

Neither does anyone else.

When we are starting or following our healthier living journey, we need to acknowledge there will be days that you will see as unsuccessful. You don't need to see these days as a reason to give up, no just recognise no journey is flawless and there are ups and downs. We need to remind ourselves WHY we started and keep on going. There is no success and failure just a journey to a happier healthier lifestyle with some potholes along the way to negotiate.

Journaling/Diarying your WHY

We spend time tracking our journey's food and drink.

Write down your WHY and keep it where you can view it daily.

Then write it in your diary/journal and create a simple sentence incorporating it, making an affirmation. If you look/read your WHY affirmation daily it allows you to reconnect daily with your WHY. You might like to add important motivation comments to your affirmation daily/weekly...

Visualising your WHY

Visualise your WHY, picture it, maybe you are referring to an older version of you and have a photograph. Place the picture where you can view it daily maybe its pictures of abs or someone running as you'd like to run the Great Northern Run, place the cutting where you can view it daily as a motivational tool, a reminder of your WHY.

You could create yourself a picture board to hang that connects you emotionally to your WHY, reminding you of what you are working towards.

Refreshing you WHY... Often!!

This is important, please don't expect your motivation to be there every day when you wake up.

Life sometimes gets in the way and all best intentions have to be negotiated.

On those day when you feel like not going to the gym or snacking your way through the day, you need to reflect and renew your WHY. (Your key motivation) mentally - to get back on track.

Its important to seize what motivates you the most, so you can remind yourself regularly - especially on those days when you really need it.

What is your WHY?

* Health

* Appearance

* Mood

* Fitness


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