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What were the points you miss in the group talk, week commencing the 31/5/21.

*If you have been off track during lockdown, this doesn't make you a failure, it makes you human.

*The most important thing is you are here getting back on track, making positive changes, then you are moving in the right direction.

*Small everyday healthy changes are the secret to success to creating health and wellbeing.

*What steps can we take to get back on track

- be realistic with your goals.

- get back to basics - tracking - portions - fresh food

- take it one day at a time

- fill half my plate with vegetables

- be active

- Try some new recipes

- remember that food is not the enemy - no good or bad food - don't cut things out completely

- be positive

- remind yourself how you feel when you are off track

- Plan, Prepare, Schedule

- cut back on alcohol

- drink more water

- sharing what I am eating

- less sugar

- go to bed earlier

- just get on with it

* What healthy habit are you going to focus on this week.

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