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Struggling?? Lets regain our strength to being back on track. - Group talk - Week Commencing 3rd June 2024.

Are you struggling??

We all at times have stumbles in our weight journeys, in fact with all our journeys in/through life.

But the most important factor is being able to recognise we are struggling and own it, by identifying what is causing the stumble.

Our response to the stumble when we recognise it, is the most important turning point.

If our response is;

  • 'Oh well, I'll deal with it later.'

  • 'It'll all work out.'

It allows us to feel better in the moment, but then can make the stumble into a fall, if we don't acknowledge the challenge and respond accordingly.

Small gains/or losses if trying to gain along our journeys do and will happen, its our response to the situation that matters. Its important that we remain positive and focused on our goals to maintain motivation and not allow unhelpful thoughts pop into our heads that might discourage our motivation and slow or halt our journey.

Its important that we address the situation immediately; Today-

Not tomorrow as, that leads to the next week, new month...

If we are struggling;

  • Eat at regular intervals

  • Maintain the recommended Protein and Fibre intake.

  • Drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day

  • Be active where you can

  • Address your goals; are they still motivational to you

  • Enjoy the foods you eat, don't get stuck in a rut

  • Remember one meal or one day will not ruin your journey

  • Reduce our alcohol as unnecessary calories

  • If you snack could your snacks be healthier

  • Plan your meals

  • Take lunch to work/Picnic on day out rather than buying

  • Ask for support

Track, weigh and measure keeping within your deficit, will achieve your goals.

Whatever has caused the stumble, be kind to yourself, life sometimes gets in the way but by identifying the cause we can address and get back on track.


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