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Reward your Success - Group talk week commencing 11th October 2021

When we start our weight loss journey, it's important to recognise milestones as we travel along.

But it's important to recognise them with Non-food rewards.

How do you reward your successes...

Why do Rewards matter?

Rewards matter because when we recognise and celebrate our achievements it reminds us we are capable of achieving our goals. This helps to keep our motivation on the days that are more challenging.

By choosing Non-food rewards it helps promote our health and well-being, especially if we plan them throughout our weight loss journey, to boost our confidence and self esteem.

What could your goals be...

  • Every 7lb

  • Achieving 120 mins activity in a week

  • Achieving NSV...

  • Next clothes size down

  • being able to do your own shoes up

  • Putting on your own socks

  • Doing your bra up around your back on your own

  • Cutting or painting your own toe nails

Draw up your list of mini goals and plan different treats each time you achieve one.

You could keep a weight loss coin/pebble jar or board, adding a £1.00 or a pebble for every pound lost, the growing collection of money and pebbles is a visual reminder of your achievements.

Your rewards could be...


  • Bubble bath

  • listening to your favourite music

  • watching a box set of TV shows

  • healthy recipe book

  • trip to the cinema


  • Exercise wear

  • Trainers

  • swimming suit

  • piece of clothing that makes you happy

  • notch bracelet

Health and beauty

  • Cosmetics

  • Massage

  • hair cut

  • professional teeth whiting


  • Night out dancing

  • session with Personal Trainer

  • healthy cooking classes

  • Spa day


  • Visual weight loss chalk board

  • Weight loss coin jar

  • Pebble jars - one full of pebbles of the half pounds to lose and the other jar ready to transfer the pounds lost in to.

When it comes to choosing your rewards, try something that will keep you on track and not knock your motivation.

Choosing Non-food rewards will also help break old habits of rewarding our selves with food and drink.


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