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Refocus - Group talk week commencing 10th January 2022.

At group last week we were discussing reflection, in particular positive reflection of our 2021 journey's.

Did anyone get chance over the week to consider their own journey's and would you like to share.

* Health - reduction in medication

* Physical abilities

* Mindset

* Inches

* Smaller sized clothing

* Ability to make healthier choices

* Maintained or loss at the scales

We now need to take control of 2022 and keep working towards being happier and healthier.

1. Accepting where we are now - is important, we need to make peace, and accept knowing that we are in control of our own thoughts and actions and can pursue and achieve our goals when fully ready at any time.

2. Shed light on your goals - take time to consider what do you want for your 2022 journey.

Close your eyes, relax your body releasing any tension, then picture yourself in three months from now - your ideal self. Where are you, what are you doing, how do you look, who are you with, how do others respond... really take note of the details.

3. Make notes of your vision - Write it in a journal, diary or create a vision board, expressing the emotions, the positive energy, how you felt, describe what you looked like, what you were wearing and what you were doing.

4. Set your goals - using your vision, take the key objectives you want to achieve, create positive affirmations to help keep you focused and keep your fire stoked and embered, then create 3-5 action steps you are going to take towards achieving them.

For example:

* Eating 5 portions of fruit and veg.

* Tracking honestly daily.

* Taking ME time.

* Activity.

* Fluid intake.

* Nutrient balances in meals.

5. Positive, heartening feelings - these emotions are key to allowing us to achieve our goals, feeling happy, positive and loving in the present moment enlightens our motivation to achieve. It's now time to have fun and achieve.

If you slip of track don't beat yourself up. Draw a line, accept that it's happen, forgive yourself, simply revisit your vision and goals, enlightening your fire again to achieving.


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