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Reflection - Group talk week commencing 3rd January 2022.

2021 has been and gone, as we start 2022 it's a great time for reflection of what went well for us, rather than focusing on what didn't go so well.

I've heard these sentences a lot over the last week.

* I've gained so much weight over Christmas.

* New Year... New Me...

* 1st, 3rd, 4th January the diet starts - no more Chocolate or Carbs.

* How can I lose this weight quickly.

Let's re-address these sentences.

* I've made so many amazing memories this Christmas.

* New year, same me continuing to focus on myself and my health.

* How can I meet my nutrition balance in the majority of my meal.

* What could I do to improve my lifestyle that makes me feel good.

What do these sentences equate to, for you...


I've shared this Christmas together with my Mum, dad, Ian and Tomblin using the best rooms, China and cutlery. I've gained weight but enjoyed the food I ate, and looked amazing in my new smaller sized clothes, I've treated myself too.

Yes it's a New Year, but I'm not changing, I'm continuing with the hard work and progress of putting my health both physically and mentally first where possible. The calendar does not restrict my diet because it's the start of the New Year.

Feeling good always is my priority.

Some times beneficial changes come in our journeys as we take two steps forward and one step back.

We need to always focus on the positives and celebrate them appropriately.

The scales are not the only data we can assess, we can reflect on our mindset, our physical abilities and our inches.

For Me

* I've lost 13lb 2020/21.

* Total loss 8st 2.5lb 2013/21.

* I've changed size from 32 to 10.

* I don't use an inhaler anymore.

* I can do my own shoes up.

* I can put my own socks on.

* I can do my bra up around the back.

* I can run regularly 5Km.

* I want to go out.

What are your achievements...

This week please take time to consider your achievements of your journeys, as next week we are going to move forward into creating Goals using them.


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