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Our Journey's are more than a number - Group talk week commencing 7th February 2022.

When standing on the scales whether the bathroom, chemist, doctors, hospital or here, they only show you a snapshot number at that point of time. They give you your relationship between you and gravity.

That moment can bring delight, contentment and gratification, but it can also bring misery, disappointment, upset and unhappiness.

Your emotions can motivate, drive and inspire your journey but they can also discourage, hinder, prevent and dissuade our continuance of our journey's, it's at these times where Non Scale Victories change your focus away from that snapshot number to the bigger picture.

It doesn't matter where you are along your journey i.e. the beginning, middle, goal or maintaining, Non Scale Victories are so very important and you should take time to consider paying attention to them along your journey.

What could they be...

  • Clothes fitter better

  • Smaller clothes required

  • Belt notch moved

  • You feel heathier

  • Reduction in medication require

  • You've stopped obsessing over numbers

  • More confident in your own skin

  • You look forward to your meals

  • More energy

  • More adaptable to situations and emotions

  • You move more/easier/better

  • You look forward to activity

  • Your appearance is brighter

  • Your sleep is improved

  • You've lost inches

  • Less pain in joints/back

  • Improved mood

  • Healthier food choices

Paying attention to our NSV reinforces our journey and lifts our mood, allowing us continuance of our journey developing those healthy habits.

  • Take time to identify NSV

  • Consider there impact on your journey

  • Take time to notice how it feels to celebrate those NSV. (is it different from the number focus)


We are trying to lose/maintain weight for good health, the scales help us measure that but they don't define us.

Your NSV are what are going to keep you motivated long-term along your journey to a healthier life.

So look around take note of the inner and outer changes you've invested in becoming healthier and continue your journey.


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