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My Journey 12th August 2023.

Weight loss is not easy for some if us, especially those that eat their emotions to comfort, whatever emotions they might be, anger, happy, sad, stressed, bored, anxious, tiredness, bullied... the list continues.

I've been determined to try and reignite my journey, and talked to a few over the last week, and feel after a rough start to the week I am back focused. I did eat 1695kcal over deficit this week which resulted in a maintenance.

However I recognise that on Friday and Yesterday (new week) my fluid intake even though over 4 litres, wasn't satisfactory for the heat and the hard physical work I was doing, my joints feel very puffy and I never got up for a wee (normality) in the night. I also noticed my Fibre intake took a dip, as I focused on raising my Protein. All these elements support our weight loss Journey's.

Here's to a great new week xxx

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