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Managing Portion Control & Healthy Eating! - Group talk week commencing 18th & 25th April 2022.

We all struggle at times with portion control, sometimes this can be daily, over weekends/holidays or during emotional times in our lives.

By adjusting our food choices and managing our portion sizes across our day it allows us to enjoy the foods we love and that comfort, yet allowing us to eat healthier improving our overall health.

Here are some useful tips:

  • If you enjoy generous servings alter to reduced calorie dense foods

  • Use smaller crockery to serve up your meals as we tend to fill our plates to at least 70% capacity. This tip helps us consume less without feeling unsatisfied.

  • Use you plate as a guide to portion control.

Half - Whole carbohydrates/Fibre

Quarter - Refined Carbohydrates

Rest - Protein

Plus Half a Tablespoon of Healthy Fats

  • Share meals when eating out or ask for a smaller plate at establishments renowned for larger portions or take a doggy bag home for another day.

  • Drinking water before eating helps with satiety as reduces the amount you consume.

  • Consuming water rich foods before commencing a meal helps with stopping over eating i.e. soups, light salads...

  • Enjoy your meals sat a table which allows good posture, allowing improved digestion.

  • Eat mindfully where you are fully immersed in the experience of enjoying each and every mouthful.

  • Always enjoy your food plated up, never eat from packaging or containers.

  • Education is key, always read the nutritional label before digesting.

  • Be fully accountable track all that passes your lips.

  • Stop when you feel that you are reaching satiety, remembering it takes 20 minutes for your signals to reach your brain.

By using these tips you can enjoy the foods you love whether it is a home cooked meal or eating out, remembering every meal is a fresh start.


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