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Is it better to have one treat a day or have an entire treat day? - Group talk, wk commencing 5/7/21

If you have a craving for something, then satisfy that craving enjoying it, be honest in tracking it, so you have accountability, then draw the line with the next meal or the next day. It is not healthy to have an entire treat day.

*By sticking to plan counting our points, syns or calories is not a bad thing to do - you need calories to maintain stamina and muscle strength i.e. we are using food to fuel our bodies daily maximizing our lives.

If we chose to have a treat and count it, it will have some energy - boosting nutrients and calories to fuel our bodies in a controlled way.

"The more active we are, the more grace you have to indulge in treats, as you burn the energy."

*If you restrict your points, syns, calories... for 5/6 days and then have a complete treat day/s where you have no accountability consuming everything you desire with no restraints you are putting your body at risk.

Firstly you might be not getting the right balance of nutrients including calories across the course of the week.

You are probably eating really unhealthy foods on the treat day and the guilt will play on the weeks choices, making you question why on plan.

This one day a week off plan, this treat day can become what is also known as a binge day. Binge days can become out of our control, as the treat foods we eat are normally sugary, fatty foods that release higher levels of the chemical Dopamine (Dow-puh-meen) into our systems. Dopamine is a "feel good" chemical every meal triggers the release of but it can become addictive psychologically and over time our threshold needed becomes higher and our need to binge becomes more regular.

so having a treat daily is far better than having treat days and small daily treats allows us to be happier in our own journeys and lives and have no guilt because we've had a cookie... or two. This way there is no such thing as a bad day or a bad food, as you are balancing your calories, syns, points to fit around your healthy choices and lifestyle getting a nutritional balance.

Bottom line

Enjoy your treats every day.

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