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Improving Eating Habits - Group talk week commencing 01/11/2021

When it comes to eating, we have some powerful habits.

Some good... I always eat regularly.

Some not so good... I always leave my plate clean.

We often establish our eating habits in childhood, but its never to late to substitute them for better habits.

Making sudden entire habitual changes, can lead to short term weight loss, however such absolute changes are neither healthy nor a good idea, and won't be successful in the long run.

To enhance your eating habits requires a thoughtful perspective in which you...

Reflect... Replace... Reinforce...

Reflect on all your particular eating habits, both good and bad; and your regular triggers for unhealthy eating.

Replace your unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones.

Reinforce you new, healthier eating habits


Create a list of eating habits keep a diary, writing down everything you eat and the times you eat, also note how you feel when deciding what to eat and how you feel when eating it. (especially when not hunger - were you tired? stressed out?...)

Highlight the habits that lead to you over eating and possible weight gain.

  • eating too fast

  • always clearing the plate

  • eating when not hunger

  • mindless eating

  • always having a dessert to end a meal

  • skipping meals

Look at the unhealthy eating habits, have you identified all the triggers that captivate you to the habit. Pinpoint a few that you'd like to enhance. Remembering to praise yourself for the healthy eating habits, as this supports you to make changes.

create a list of 'prompts' by reading your diary making yourself enlightened of your 'triggers' When... Where... Reasons... Emotions... Times...

  • Opening up the draw where the children's snacks are in

  • Watching TV

  • Before/After a stressful meeting or situation at work

  • No plans for what's for tea

  • Tired whilst at the petrol station filling up the car

Circle the 'prompts' that you come up against on a daily or weekly basis, ask yourself these questions for each 'prompt'

  • Is there anything you can do to avoid the prompt or situation?

  • If you can not avoid, can you do something differently that would be healthier.


Replace the unhealthy habits with new, healthier ones, Example; you might identify when eating alone you eat too fast, so, make an arrangement to eat with another; a colleague, neighbour, friend, family

Eat slower by eating quickly, you may 'clear the plate' instead of acknowledging whether your satisfied.

Eat when you are hunger instead of when tired, bored, anxious or emotional. If you find this is you try and find a non-eating activity to do instead. (quick phone call or a walk with a friend)

Plan meals ahead of meal times to establish you eat a healthy well-balanced meal.


Reinforce your new, healthy habits and be understanding with yourself. Habits take time to nurture. It doesn't occur overnight. If the unhealthy habits return, revert as soon as possible and question yourself: Why? When? What changes do you need to make?

DO NOT CHASTISE YOURSELF or think that one hiccup will ruin a whole day of healthy habits.

You can do it, you just chisel away one day at a time!


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