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How to Maintain Progress Over Christmas - Group talk week commencing 20th December 2021.

How can we enjoy ourselves without bingeing, striking that balance.

  • Stick to portions


1/4 Plate Protein,

1/4 Plate Complex Carbohydrate's,

1/2 Plate Vegetables

and 1-2 tbsp. Healthy Fats.

Watching your Calorie intake i.e. track, weigh and measure.

  • Remain Active

Once that Turkey is in the oven head out for a Christmas stroll, I know the roaring open fire or the heating is much cosier and inviting, but a walk in the brisk winter chill is invigorating and great for your mindset.

  • Meal Preparation

I start preparing Christmas Eve and as I am, I add the recipes into my app so prepared on Christmas Day, to track what I consume. When laying the dining table I will place the scales next to me 'I need accountability, I need control'. How about you....

  • Snacks

Plan for picking have snacks lined up, pre weighed nuts, Vegetables sticks with protein dips i.e. hummus, peanut butter, or earlier in the week pre make protein balls.

  • Watch your alcohol intake

making smart swaps

Egg Nog for Sloe Gin

Dessert Wine - Sherry

Mulled Wine with Sugar - Mulled Wine with Sweetener

Large Glass of Wine - Glass of Prosecco

A Pint of Lager - A Bottle of Beer (330ml)

Gin and Tonic - Gin and Slimline Tonic

Long Island Iced Tea - Bloody Mary

Wine - Spirits

Lager/Beer - Spirit

Remember to keep hydrated drinking sugar free drinks or water in-between.

Remember its just one day or maybe two, but be mindful and have a Merry Christmas with your friends and families.


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