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How our eating habits are affected by the weather - Group Talk - Week Commencing 7th August 2023.

Over the last few weeks many of you have been saying to me how you are struggling with food choices with the constantly changing weather.

Why is this?

Our food choice/habits change with the seasons as the temperatures change, this is where our bodies thermoregulation kicks in, which affects the bodies call for either warmer or cooler foods.

Its important that we change our food choices/habits during the seasons, realising that our bodies nutritional requests change with the seasons; i.e. Oranges grown for harvest in our Autumn are richer in Vitamin C, boosting our immune system.

As we head into the warmer months, we choose foods served at lower temperatures as this is what our thermoregulation calls for i.e. salads, asparagus, melon, strawberries, ice cream, iced drinks.

During the cooler months we choose foods served at warmer temperatures to raise our bodies core temperature i.e. hot chocolate, stews, soups, root vegetables, squashes, potatoes, oranges.

The temperature changes vary with the seasons, and the different seasons bring us a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, that offer us a diversity of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that the bodies requires to function appropriately as the seasons change, this is why we should eat foods by there growing season, and the way to know what's is and isn't in season is to buy from local farmers markets, farm shops or local independent greengrocers, that can support you according, advising you the seasons and in turn you support local communities buying local and supporting playing a role in building up the local economy.

If your body is calling for warmer foods or cooler foods respond accordingly, helping you to keep healthy as the seasons change.


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