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Benefits of Tracking - Group Talk - 19th December 2022.

88% of people that track using APP's or pen and paper for just 7 days, lose weight, sticking to their deficit.

That statistic solely should persuade you if you are struggling that tracking is the way forward to reaching your goals.

I know that not all of you currently prioritise tracking, saying it's a faff, you haven't the time, you forget. But if you track in the moment it really is not a faff, its quick and easy and once you repeat the action 26 times it becomes a habit, a healthy habit at that.

Tracking is what keeps you accountable it helps you identify patterns, it also helps you eat a more balanced diet, it does away with mindless eating as you can identify and adjust your further food choices accordingly to what you've already eaten.

Tracking can provide us with positive reinforcement on what we are doing right. Shining a light on the habits that are working well both for our body and mind.

Tracking allows us to examine the different nutrients we eat within the meals we consume highlighting our healthy eating.

If we track why we are eating what we are, too i.e. our emotions at the time, the reason we ate... meal time, emotional, eating with others... hungry or not. This helps to identify our eating habits as sometimes we are not realising why we are eating. (Mindless Eating)

Another advantage of tracking the foods we eat can help us identify health issues caused by diet, i.e. IBS, headaches... It can help identify intolerances.

Tracking helps you be more consistent with your food choices, as you become mindful of what you put into you mouth and why.

Tracking also allows you to plan ahead if you are going out so you can adjust your other food choices that day.

Tracking helps you reach you health objectives and weight goals, as losing just 0.5lb a week is 26lb a year, 2lb shy of 2 stone and tracking helps to stay on track of the food you eat and the food choices you make.

Try tracking your food and why your eating this week, and see how much it changes your choices.


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