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Benefits of eating local foods - Group talk week commencing 25th October 2021.

Benefits of eating local foods.

Why is it important to buy local foods...

What are the health benefits of eating locally grown produce...

Why does buying local food benefit to environment...

Where are you buying local foods from? - March House Farm, Great Dalby - Ferneley Dairy, Whisendine Vine farm Diary, Great Dalby - Flavour Tales, Croxton Kerrial - The Country Victualler, Engine Yard Belvoir - Bloomsbury Bakery, Grantham - Hambleton Bakery, Rutland - Waterside Garden centre, Bourne - Ancaster butchers, Ancaster, Grantham - Brentingby Gin, Brentingby, Melton Mowbray - Simply Chocolate, Melton Mowbray - Ruddy Fine Gin, Ruddington - Ancaster Butchers

Bottesford Butchers

Shericliffe Eggs, Eaton - Handwell Wine Estates, Hickling - Chocolate Shop - Four Seasons, Sleaford - Waterside Garden Centre, Bourne - Engine Yard, Belvoir - Bloomsbury Bakery, Grantham - Harkers Farm shop, Clipston on the Wolds - Brumptons, Cotgrave - Kerry's, Cotgrave - Fruit Basket, West Bridgford

Manor Farm, Bothney Pagnell - Milk from farm - Manor Farm, Leasington - Syston Park Farm Shop - Bouverie Lodge Farm, Nether Broughton - Cavners Fish Market, Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray

Old Dalby Farmers Market - Saturday - Old Dalby School Playground

Melton Mowbray Farmers Market - Friday - Melton Cattle Market

Newark Market

Bingham Market - every Thursday and Farmers Market Once a month on a Saturday

West Bridgford Market - Friday and Saturday

Sleaford Farmers Market 1st Saturday of the month

Grantham Farmers Market 2nd Saturday of the month

What can you find at Farm shops and Farmers Markets.

Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Cheese, Milk, Eggs, Bread, Chocolate, Alcohol...

Eating local foods also benefits the local economy, and employment.

Local food is very fresh

Due to it being harvested for the Farm shop or farmers markets it does not need to travel any far distances, so it can be picked just a day or two before, as a result the crop has longer on the plant or in the ground to ripen and develop flavour. Using the freshest ingredients tends to produce the best - tasting dishes.

Local food is often more nutritious

In transportation, processing and shelf time in the supermarkets, fresh fruit and vegetables lose some of their nutrients. Vitamin C an important water - soluble nutrient, begins to degrade shortly after harvest, and antioxidants decline during storage.

Eating local is an opportunity to try new foods

This year I grew rainbow Beetroot, Candy Striped, Orange, White and Traditional. I have never seen these in a supermarket. I have really enjoyed the flavours and different recipes using them.

What new food have you tried...

Do you get vegetable boxes delivered to the door and find interesting items in it...

Purchasing local foods benefits the environment

Buying local results in less pollution and lower carbon footprints.

Local food travels shorter distances to market or the farm shop, which reduces transportation and processing, in turn reducing pollution and the carbon footprint.

We also tend to take items home in reusable bags or cardboard boxes, so less waste and plastic packaging.

Supporting farmers also protects our green spaces and local farm land from developers and supports biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and promotes clean air, water and soil.

Eating local supports local economy

By buying local allows our money to circulate with in the local economy, supporting local businesses, and jobs, making our community strong.

Eating local teaches you how your food is grown

My dad used to teach in the less affluent side of Nottingham and he was amazed that children thought milk and eggs came from the supermarket, they had no idea eggs came from chickens or milk came from cows.

I find growing my own and sourcing food locally is more satisfying and mindful, I feel more connected, and more comforted to know I can ask questions at the source on the products, re growing, and recipe ideas of new products.

Eating local is remarkably easy

*Find your local farmers market or farm shop

*Become a member of the Co-op

*When shopping for meat, vegetables and fruit at Morrisons over 85% is local

*Dine at farm-to-table restaurants.

Bottom line

Eating local doesn't just benefit your health and the farmers in your community. It also has a host of positive economic, social and environmental effects.

Local food tends to taste fresher, have more nutrients, and use less packaging. Supporting local food businesses leads to strong local economies.

If you are interested in reaping these benefits, start looking for farmers markets and farm shops.


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