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Accountability and it's importance to our weight loss goals! - Group talk week commencing 17-1-22

What is Accountability

Accountability is the acceptance of responsibility of ones own actions. It implies a willingness to be transparent, allowing others to observe and evaluate one's performance.

How does accountability support our weight loss.

When we try to lose weight on our own we struggle to keep ourselves motivated and our willpower alone neglects us when the scales don't support our journeys.

With accountability you don't like to disappoint, however accountability to friends and family is not always supportive, as they allow you to slack off because they just want to see you happy.

Having accountability to a coach means you don't want to disappoint, you want to do your best to achieve.

As a coach I remind you of your goals and your achievements, when you share openly I can understand what may be hindering your journey and look for ways to action around those obstacles. I look to fuel your motivation to keep you on track of your journey.

By meeting once a week to be weighed and owning it, the good or bad, discussing the week, allows us to own the results and move on appropriately.

Setting up mini goals and rewards for achieving them helps spur us on to the long term goals.

Taking time out to sit and be part of the groups allows us to be motivated by each other, picking up tips, recipes, ideas and listening/taking part in the motivational topic for the week and ongoing.


We are more likely to accomplish our goals and succeed in our maintenance with accountability, as having support and guidance means we are not alone and keeps us in check, actioning those tips, recipes and ideas we have harvested keeps our journeys fresh and current, it provides us with motivation and support when needed weekly and through the week with evoking text messages.

Having accountability is key to our goal successes and maintenance success.


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