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Why Tracking what we eat is important? - Group Talk Week Commencing 27th June 2022.

To lose weight we all know we need a calorie deficit and to have a calorie deficit we need to know the calories we eat as accurately as possible.

But the problem is many people have a hard time keeping track of their calorie consumption, resulting in either them not eating enough or eating too many.

Solution Found - Track in real time

By noting down, photographing and recording in APP's we can effectively decrease/increase our calorie consumption, because we are fully accountable of the foods we have consumed.

How do we track?

  • Pen and paper/notebook doing the mental arithmetic ourselves, which can be a disadvantage if we add up incorrectly.

  • Food APP's, as the majority of us have a mobile phone on us all the time and find it quick and easy to add to the APP in real time.

  • Also with our mobile phones we can photograph our food if busy and record at a more appropriate time.

APP's available

  • NHS Weight Loss APP - Free

  • Lose it APP - Free Lite Version & Premium £31.56 p.a.

  • WW APP - £13.95 p.m.

  • The Fitness Chef - £53.99 p.a.

  • My Net Diary - Free Lite Version & Premium £58.99 p.a.

  • My Fitness Pal - Free Lite Version & Premium £7.99 p.m.

  • Slimming World - £5.95 p.w.

  • Nutracheck - Free Lite Version & 7 day free then Premium £23.99 (£29.99 when not on offer)

  • See how you eat - Free Lite Version & Premium £24.99 p.a.

My personal favourite and I have used and tested them all, is Nutracheck.

The Nutracheck APP is for me the most customer focused APP, sharing all important information without complicating it for ease to use. Its a UK base APP, resorting in a local support team when you need help if you have an issue.

8 Reasons why tracking your food is good for you!

  • Increase awareness/mindfulness

  • Provides you a better understanding of your current eating habits

  • In forms you how nutrient dense your food is

  • Holds you accountable

  • Helps you balance your total calories and micronutrients throughout the day.

  • Helps you reach your goals

  • gives you option

  • Allows you to plan ahead

What to remember when tracking

  • The more you track, the more likely you are to reach your goals.

  • Track every nibble as accurately as possible i.e. weigh, honesty, owning choices

  • Track ahead of time and adjust if choices change

  • Repetitive tracking creates a lifestyle habit and it loses the feeling of a chore

Tracking is your friend not your foe, and it will be the secret to your success


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