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Vegetables that support weight loss - Group talk Week Commencing 18th July 2022.

Yes, you should be eating vegetables, your Mum was right when she told yoy to eat your greens, they keep you strong and healthy.

Why is this?

  • Vegetables help keep us fuller for longer because of there fibre and water content.

  • Vegetables help prevent dips and spikes in your energy levels, as the fibre in vegetables helps regulate your blood sugars.

  • Vegetables help you live longer, they say in numerous studies as a rich varied diet of vegetables may help decrease the hardening of arteries, help reduce cholesterol levels, help prevent inflammation, research shows the antioxidants are partly responsible for this effect.

  • Vegetables are an ultimate food, nutrient-dense containing fibre, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

  • Vegetables help you lose weight as they are lower in calories, but full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and keep you feeling fuller for longer with the fibre. This means you tend to eat fewer calories, while still feeling satisfied if not more satisfied.

To reap the benefits of vegetables Annelie Vogt von Heselholt, R.D., founder of DietitianDoc, recommends filling half your plate with vegetables.

Dana Ellis Hunnes, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., Senior Clinical dietitian at UCLA Medical Centre and assistant professor at UCLA fielding School Public Health. "You can never go wrong in weight loss, or maintenance, by adding more vegetables to your diet." "Vegetables are naturally very low in calories and fat, which means that you can eat a lot of them with out gaining weight."

The best vegetables to promote weight loss are those that provide plenty of protein per calorie.

PDF Vegetable Protein table
Download PDF • 436KB

Vegetables play an important role in our healthy weight loss by providing nutrients and satiety for fewer calories. Bring added flavour, texture and variety to our meals. Making sure to combine vegetables with a good protein source, such as meat, seafood, eggs, dairy, beans or tofu.


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