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Tips for weight loss success! - Group Talk - Week Commencing 2nd January 2023.

I'm going to start this with an important quote...

"Christmas is about family and friends, not calories. It's what we do between New Year and Christmas, and not what we do between Christmas and New Year, that's important."

There are lots of fad diets out there, but in fact all we need is a balanced lifestyle with a nutritious diet, to enjoy health, well-being and weight management.

Lets share our top tips for weight loss success.

*We should never feel like we are being restricted or challenged when it comes to the food we eat, especially when we cook for the whole family, we need to make life easy and eat the same, so its just making smart swaps to family favourites.

Mince - 5% Mince

Chicken Thighs - Chicken Breasts

More Vegetables - Less Refined carbohydrates

Whole foods - Not Processed

*There are no such things as good and bad foods - its just about considering how often and how much you eat.

*Don't cut food groups as our body needs them all:








*One meal off track, is one meal not a whole day, or a whole week.

*Planning is the secret to success - failing to plan is planning to fail.

*Eat the rainbow when it comes to each and every meal.

*Keep your fluid intake up as thirst can be confused with hunger.

* The most important secret is to TRACK, WEIGH and MEASURE, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Here's for a great year reaching our goals together for 2023.


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