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Three Positive Ingredients. - Group Talk - Week Commencing 18th September 2023.

Reshape your outlook by taking just five minutes to observe, savour and convey gratitude for daily kindness.

Discover a gratitude list? Its way to easy to focus on the negatives, which is not the most helpful way to think especially when embarking on a weight loss journey. Alternatively, try to centre on what's really good and spend just a few minutes each day questioning what you have to be grateful for.

First Step;

Reflect about three positive things that have happened to you during the last 24hrs. These do not have to be significant acts - getting up in the morning, having a chat with a friend, the bouquet of flowers you treated yourself too.

Second Step;

Note them down! Attempt to cover as much detail as possible - who said what, where and when it occurred, what you were wearing, how you felt during the moment... all these details will assist you to recollect the incident.

Third Step;

Continue to repeat the first and second step. The more frequently you take time out of your hectic day to concentrate on these moments, people and acts that compel you to feel grateful, the more likely you are to observe an increase in your positivity and become more joyful.

If you need somewhere to express your feeling post within our group Facebook page using '#ImGratefulFor '. or keep it private to you by journaling.

Keep positive and live life to the fullest embracing your weight loss journey with positivity.


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