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Three most important things to kick start weight loss - Group Talk - Wk Com 01-05-23.

Moving on from last weeks reflection, what are the three most important things that we can do to kick start your journey.

  • Journal/Tracking

  • Water

  • Walking

Keeping a journal/Log.

Keeping a journal/diary whether its pen-and-paper or by using an app, helps you to be accountable for your journey, as you record your food, activity and often make notes of your feelings and thoughts, we can also enter our sleep habits.

Research has established that those who track their food consumption are more likely to lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

Having said that we must record our food consumption accurately recording everything that we eat and drink, and if we also record why we ate the foods we did, we can also identify the triggers to overeating, and find healthier ways to address the situation.


As we discussed in the Nutrient talk, staying hydrated is key for survival and its part in our weight loss, as it supports digestion and muscle function of the gut.

Water is a natural appetite suppressant as it helps take up space in the stomach reducing the feeling of hunger.

Water helps remove the waste from our bodies reducing the chance of constipation and bloating. drinking water over other liquids reduces your calorie intake and increases the micronutrients we absorb. Water helps the body metabolise stored fats/carbohydrates. water helps us stay healthy throughout each and everyday. Having a bottle of water with you at all times is paramount.


We don't need to pay to be active by joining a gym or paying for a PT.

By walking just for 20 minutes a day, whether its in one go, or 4 times, 5 minutes, it helps keep us physically active and healthier, reducing risks of heart disease, diabetes and cancers. Furthermore walking can assist helping to manage your weight.

Being active helps burn more calories, it also aids your bodies digestive track, and an additional benefit is it can improve our mood.

If just 10 minutes of your 20 minutes can be at a brisk pace this would be classed as moderate - intensity.

How can you fit in walking into your busy schedule;

  • Use a trackers notifications to nudge you to get up and walk.

  • Go for a brisk walk on your Lunch break or after Tea.

  • Walk your Dog, or the Neighbours Dog.

  • Instead of holding a meeting with a colleague at a desk, hold a walking meeting.

  • Leave the car at home, walk the children to school, to the corner shop, or to walk.

  • Join walking groups.

  • Use a walking app.

Every step is a step more to health and fitness.

  • Use a Treadmill/Elliptical Trainer.

Whilst walking you could embrace the sights and sounds, or you could listen to music, your favourite podcast or a book.

By initiating these three activities into your day;

  • Journal/Tracking

  • Water

  • Walking

You will give yourself a kickstart along your journey to achieve your goals.


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