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The 3 R's. Reflect, Refocus, Reframe. - Group Talk - Week Commencing 12th December 2022.

Research shows that 73% of people quit their journey's before reaching their goals. WHY... because they are in a rush, often forgetting how long it has taken to gain their weight.

If you are honest with yourself you know why you don't lose each week, and when we plateau we know its our current 'Set Point' which we can adjust.

We should never quit on our goals and never look at struggling as failure, as failure is only the opportunity to question our journey with fresh eyes examining the stumbling blocks more intelligently from the lessons already learned.

Its important that we regularly Reflect, Refocus, Reframe.


  • What has been going well this week? this month? this year?

  • Where have you struggled?

  • What can you learn?

  • What are your motivators?


If you are struggling to stay focused, here are four tips to regain that focus.

  1. Set an 'Open' goal - Open goals are non-specific and exploratory, often phrased as aiming to 'See how well I can do,' for example 'See how many days I can track this week' rather that a STAR goal 'I'll track 5 days this week' which can lead to feeling failure.

  2. Find solutions - if you repeatedly reach the same stumbling block, find a solution how to navigate around it allowing you to achieve your goals.

  3. Set small goals along your journey to boost your motivation to your main goal. ie reaching milestones along the way 7lb, 14lb or size 16, 14.

  4. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals ie. Spa days, Jewellery, theatre, concert. (Non food related)


This is important if struggling as it allows you to refocus on a different plan to achieve your goals versus creating a new one. ie swapping plans. By examining reflection and refocus we can reframe our journey, by always keeping a positive mindset.

Always remember how long it took to gain the weight, and know you are ahead of the game, with the weight loss whatever life throws at you.

Never feel you've ruined a day by eating more in one meal, your next meal is a fresh start and tomorrow is a new day.


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