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Taking time to Eat. - Group Talk Week Commencing 1st August 2022.

Taking time to eat is an important eating habit, it offers us a wealth of benefits to our weight loss journeys.

Nevertheless many of us are guilty of eating too fast allowing us to get on with our busy lives, where it is common that we:

  • eat quickly

  • eat while distracted or doing other activities

  • not setting aside time to eat and plan meals

By rushing our food we are unable to acknowledge if we have reached satiety. Eating whilst distracted or engaged in other activities like working or watching TV can increase the quantities that we eat and drink, as when distracted we eat larger portions and are unable to acknowledge what we have already eaten, this leads to eating in excess as we are unable to recognise satiety.

By taking our time to eat we are able to enjoy our food:

  • embracing your senses focusing wholly on our food

  • preventing overeating

  • embracing eating with others

  • ability of making healthier food choices

  • practicing making mindful choices and eating habits

Its important that we make health food and healthy eating habits a priority in our lives.

By taking time to eat and eat slowly, increased studies show it enables us to consume fewer calories supporting our weight loss.

It also translate to improved digestion because, we chew our food better, remembering digestion starts in the mouth.

Eating Slowly, is an effective mindfulness exercise, which indirectly helps relieve/reduce stress as it encourages us to be in the moment, rather than worry about the next activity.

Taking time to eat lets us experience the taste of our food, which will allow improved choices. It allows eating to be a social event where we can connect with family and friends.

Eating slowly and thoughtfully allows us to focus on:

  • noticing when we feel full

  • not rushing when eating

  • putting our cutlery down between bites

  • eating with others, enjoying the conversation

  • slowing down and allowing ourselves time to enjoy our food

  • chew the food thoroughly to experience all of the - Aromas, textures, flavours and tastes

Eating without distraction, by paying attention when we are eating:

  • Computers, mobile phones and other electronics devices distracting from eating.

Make mealtimes 'Electronic Free'

  • Sit down at the table instead of in front of a TV.

Focus meals around the food.

  • At work, step away from your workstation

Eat lunch in the cafeteria or outside with coworkers

Plan to make eating an important and enjoyable part of you life, by setting aside time to focus on your meals and snacks, whether you are at work, home or on the go.

Be deliberate, eating slowly has definite benefits, take your time with your food, and notice an overall difference in your health.


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