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Summer Goals - Group Talk - Week Commencing 13th May 2024.

Summer is finally on its way, but remember 'Never cast a clout out tills May's out' meaning we might yet still have cooler weather before May's past.

Whether you are spending summer at home or aboard, its a great opportunity to kick start your journey. Your motivation might be a wardrobe of snug summer clothes or the aim to feel confident walking on the beach, whatever your goals are use them to motivate and inspire you, embracing the power of positivity to achieve whether short or long term goals.

Setting yourself realistic mini seasonal goals helps make sure you achieve them within your timescales, spurring you on to set and achieve further goals.

To achieve your mini goals its important to focus on key points;

  • Sleep

  • Healthy Eating

  • Being Active

  • Avoiding unnecessary calories

Quality sleep; supports us to make healthy food choices and eating habits, it also assists our metabolic rate and the hormones regulating our metabolism, on average we burn 50 calories an hour while we sleep this is dependant on your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate).

Healthy eating; try to limit eating out and takeaways so that you are fully aware of calories you are consuming rather than guestimating. Eating clean foods i.e. cooking from scratch using whole foods rather than UPF's (Ultra Processed Foods). Making sure to focus on protein and fibre, which both support your weight loss journeys.

Being active; as we discussed a couple of weeks ago, activity doesn't have to be arduous, or expensive. It just needs to be fun to maintain your enjoyment and motivation to repeat/continue. By increasing your average step count by 1500 steps a day can see you reap the benefits.

Avoiding unnecessary calories; studies show that drinking alcohol triggers weight gain, this is often due to the high calories of alcohol, but also linked to the poor food choices made under the influence. Alcohol can also affect our metabolic rate.

As the weather gets warmer weight loss seems easier, this is often due to us drinking more water as the temperature rises, especially if drinking before meals as it leads to a feeling of satiety resulting in consuming less food.

You also feel less like eating as the heat suppresses your appetite.

The sun being out helps lift our mood resulting in less comfort eating. It also supports us to make lighter cooler meals embracing the summer salads and fruit.

Set your mini goals now creating positivity and motivation to spur you on, to a healthier and more confident summer while at the same time developing habits that benefit you throughout your journey.


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