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Shrove Tuesday - Group Talk - Week Commencing 13th February 2023.

This week in Groups Sharron cooked a recipe out of the cookbook called, The Pinch Of Nom, Comfort Food.

Chocolate Pancakes, page 30.

A quick and easy recipe for an amazing alternative 'Breakfast' or 'Dessert'.

The Pancakes are made from just Rolled Oats, Eggs, Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder and Sweetener.

Once the Oats ground into a course flour, you just mix all the ingredients together.

The recipe serves two, giving you three pancakes each.

Cook three at a time.

Once they start bubbling, its time to turn them, cooking the other side.

They are looking delicious already...

now all are cooked and ready to serve...

with beautiful Fresh Strawberries, Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt and Low Calorie Chocolate Syrup.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks demonstration, and are inspired and might be thinking of alternative ingredients... maybe Powdered Peanut Butter instead of Cocoa served with Bananas and Low Calorie Caramel syrup.

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