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Self-Compassion - Group Talk week commencing 14th March 2022.

Self-Compassion is about treating yourself with kindness and acceptance instead of judgement or criticism.

With in our healthy living journeys, self-compassion is practicing the same kindness and support we show others to ourselves.

Along our journeys we reach many highlights and challenges in forms of meeting weight loss goals, both mini and milestone, but also managing plateaus and gains. By practicing self-compassion we are showing kindness to ourselves through difficulties, this results in more desirable responses to the situations, in turn resisting judgmental responses and unnecessary tough love on ourselves.

Negativity and self-criticism causes anxiety within our journeys which in turn loses our focus.

However by practicing self-compassion by being kind to ourselves, we can draw on our journeys focus and draw a line under the situation, getting ourselves immediately back on track.

How can you practice self-compassion.

  • Treat yourself like you would treat your friend

  • Breathe

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