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Persistence over Perfection

'Persistence over Perfection'

My personal (Hannah Paterson) progress over the last 10 weeks or lack of it depending on how you look at the results, however let's not focus on the negative but on the positive; 'I'm maintaining'.

Weight loss journeys are not easy for everyone, especially when life and emotions become involved. We have to focus on the bigger picture and prioritise our whole health and well-being.

I'm an emotional eater, mainly when I'm tired, sad, hurt, upset... unfortunately my life these last few years has been a Rollercoaster of these emotions. No I haven't reached my goal as of yet, however saying that I'm holding my own regarding the achievements I've achieved so far.

My secret is Persistence over Perfection, remembering every meal, is a fresh start to being back on track, and one meal or one day off track doesn't ruin your week. But believing in yourself and your journey is key to your health and well-being.

Never quit on your health and well-being, always prioritise your wellness journey.

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