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N.S.V's - Group Talk - Week Commencing 6th September 2023.

When it comes to losing weight the numbers only tell part of the story, there are numerous ways to measure your journey's success and I feel the most powerful tool is N.S.V's (Non Scale Victories).

N.S.V's boost motivation, improve confidence and self-esteem, N.S.V's allow us to focus on the whole picture of our journey's, noticing how we feel within ourselves, within our clothes, and how we feel.

What are N.S.V's?

- The building of confidence in ourselves allowing us to speak up and also try new adventures/activities which in turn boost our confidence further.

- Feeling healthier without the requirement of medication

- The feeling of vigour, as our food choices improve, enhancing our nutritional intake boosting our ability to feel more energetic to take part in activities.

- Noticing your clothing feels more comfortable, and that you are buying smaller sizes or your zip does up easier or you have to move he button so your skirt, or trousers don't fall down. Its the same with shoes as the weight comes off, your feet get smaller.

- As eating habits change, and activity increased, your sleep in turn improves, and as your quality of sleep raises it then positively supports weight loss further.

- Improved Confidence, Nutrition, Health, Activity and Sleep rewards you with a healthier mood reducing stress and anxiety, emulating an improved attitude of positivity.

So when you are next dreading standing on the scales, ask yourself, how do you feel, are you hydrated, as active as possible and happy? That's is the scale to measure up to.

Instead of focusing on achieving the next 7lb, 14lb, 21lb, next stone bracket, focus on changes in your body, how clothes fit, how much more active you are, the reduction in pain or medication.

What is your next N.S.V to be?


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