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My Journey 2nd March 2024.

Weight journeys are not always straightforward and easy, but preparing ourselves for the longhaul is important, just like for Marathon Runners that are training to compete for their next event, we need to training to achieve our personal weight goals by;

Educating ourselves with healthy eating practices, and new scientists development of our bodies and the foods we eat. (Attending 'Friends On A Journey' Groups)Remember all progress is progress however small (0.5lb off in eight weeks) 🙂*It was the Tortoise that won the race and not the hare. 🐢 (my journey started 3rd January 2013 and continues everyday)*Failing to Prepare is, Preparing to Fail (I love my Slow Cooker Monday to Friday using 'Bored of Lunch' Recipes, knowing when i come home tea is ready)*Plan rewards along the journey remembering we are not companies needing timely S.M.A.R.T. goals, but people living our lives with OPEN flexible goals. (New Year goal; drop in to the next stone bracket for my birthday, and buy a new pair of jeans. - I didn't achieve this for my birthday, but when I do drop into the next stone bracket I will treat myself to a New Pair of Jeans)*When exercising, exercise to enrich your whole life, remembering to laugh and be happy.

Believe in yourself and in your journey, live life, be happy and achieve your goals xxx

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