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My Journey - 14th October 2023.

Sometimes you just want to say, what's the point, why do we bother xxx

We bother because if we weren't trying or half trying we'd gain week on week. By 'trying' even when our hearts not 100%, due to many reasons, the biggest reason's being stress, time, work, family... the list is endless, we'd gain rapidly.

So this week hasn't been the greatest my stress levels are through the roof, I've eaten over my deficit by 2177kCal and gained 1lb.

But then I breathe and stand back, I look over the bigger picture, I am 1.5lb lighter than I was when I started my last 12 week tracker.

Ok this is not the speed I'd like to lose weight ie wake up in the morning and be 2 stone lighter, but it's definitely in the right direction xxx

Stay strong stick to your dreams because they are all achievable in time xxx

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