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Mindset adjustments that support your weight journey. - Group Talk - Week Commencing 11th March 2024.

We often discuss nutrition and exercise within the groups but we need the magic of our minds to support our journeys.

Often we become transfixed within a fixed mindset, where we think our circumstances and behaviours can not be changed. the fixed mindset reduces our willingness and openess to take on new challenges.

A growth mindset is a superpower that supports you to believe all posibiliites are achieveable. A growth mindset allows you to learn and develop new skills when you have stumbles along your journey, guiding you to make healthier decisions at the next opportunity or in the future.

If you are within a fixed mindset, don't panic, there are straightforward ways to switch from the fixed to a growth mindset allowing you to learn, adjust and be victourious.

To start be open and honest with yourself about how you view the world generally. A fixed mindset thoughts often begin with;

  • 'I'll never be able to ...'

  • 'I know I can't ...'

To switch to a growth mindset you need to question yourself, and accept the challenges to make changes, to adjust your thought processes.

Fixed mindset; 'I'll never be able to do this, it's not even worth trying.'

Reality check; 'I might feel as though I can't do this, but I can learn how to along the way.'

Growth mindset; 'Yes, this is challenging, but i've overcome challenges before, with time I know I can do it.'

This week face the challenge that is causing you to stumble and that is influencing your journey. Address an area of your life that you think you could never change, maybe;

  • How you socialise

  • The family meals you cook

  • Your YOU time

  • Physical activity time

  • Health

Reflect your thoughts by writing your responses to the following within your diary/jotter/journal, and take action to shift your mindset and in turn support your journeys to succeed.

  • What challenge is affecting your journey?

  • What if your fixed mindset thought?

  • Address your thinking?

  • What is your growth mindset thought?

  • Health issues.

  • Until issue is sorted the scales are going the wrong way.

  • Is it the health issue that is causing the scales to go the wrong way.

  • Stay strong, believe in the journey and limit the scales going in the wrong direction by not allowing the stumble to rule will limit any damage, and succeed.

It takes time to develop a growth mindset if stuck within a fixed mindset, but remember our talk two weeks ago our journeys are marathons and not sprints and achieving long term health habits is the secret to long term success, rather than focusing on the numbers the scale report.

Be kind to yourself, we all have bad days, sometimes more regularly than we would like as life gets in the way, always remember tomorrow is a new day and you can have a fresh start.


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