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Managing Eating Out and Takeaways whilst Keeping on Track - Group Talk - Wk Comm - 23rd January 2023

We all know that when we go shopping hungry, we end up buying foods we don't normally eat, that are often more calorific and not as healthful. The same goes for when Eating Out or getting a Takeaway.

Another mistake we can make when planning ahead to eat out or getting a Takeaway is eating less during the day in the lead up, as this results in our blood sugar levels dropping causing an increase in hunger. Resulting in our body's 'Survival Mode' kicking in prompting us to choose high calorie options, refined Carbohydrates and eating mindlessly.

The secret to enjoying going out or enjoying a takeaway is to plan ahead.

  • Where are you going?

  • What time?

  • Study the menu Online

  • Make healthy choices - avoid high calorie food - Fried - Creamy Sauces

  • Ask for sauces on the side

  • Order in advance

  • Share if large portions or take a doggy box

  • When eating, eat mindfully

  • Be choosy about what you will drink

  • Always focus on quality over quantity

Enjoying a good social life shouldn't impede you losing weight; taking steps to make healthy choices the majority of the time is what matters.


Search on your APP for these items, if you can not find them on your APP how else can you know the Calories (Approximately if not listed)

Indian - Prawn Saagwala (Saag)

Chinese - Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onion

Hill Top Farm - Fish Finger Sandwich, Salad and Crisps

If they are not on your APP, try Googling then, by typing in Calories for Prawn Saagwala for example (always going worst case scenario).

Or search each individual item i.e Bacon & Mushroom Quiche salad at a café, find each item and build up calories on the plate.

Or find an alternative item for example the Hill Top Farms Fish Finger Sandwich, Salad and Crisps is on Ember Inns menu, so use that to track your meal.

Remember Swaps - Fried Rice for Boiled Rice


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