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Importance of a Varied Diet. - Group Talk Week Commencing 13th June 2022.

The quote "Variety is the spice of life" is never more appropriate than when you are putting your health and well-being first in choosing the foods to eat for a healthy diet.

Research shows if we eat a variety of foods covering the different nutrients we are more inclined to have a more desirable health and well-being with a better life expectancy.

As we age our tastebuds and sense of smell changes, this affects our food choices and appetite. We mustn't allow ourselves to become monotonous in our food choices having the same each week on rotation.

We must mix our foods and choices up to avoid meals being bland and uninteresting, resulting in craving other foods that are not as healthy.

By buying a new vegetable, fruit of protein (whether meat or plant) and creating new and exciting meals; introduces a different variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for good health is an option.


Choosing different recipes to follow of contrasting cuisines from around the world, instead of your same repeated recipes, once more mixing the variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The increased variety of our food choices is proven within studies to have many health benefits, less weight gain, greater success with weight gain, greater success with weight loss, reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower risk of metabolic syndrome, lower risk of heart disease and a longer life expectance.

How can you improve your variety across your week.

  • meal plans

  • buy different meats or fish

  • buy different vegetables or fruit each week

  • Try new recipes

  • try different proteins - beans, Quorn, Tofu...

  • Vegetable Boxes

  • Meal Boxes

Bottom line

Changing our food choices adding variety helps us to stay on track, as it improves our mindset and focus. We look forward to the meals with interest of taste, knowing we are adding "Spice to our life".


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