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How can we motivate our weight loss Journeys? - Group talk Week commencing 4th July 2022.

We are here today to hold perspective over our weight goal journeys, whether it's to lose, gain or maintain weight we come for accountability, education, inspiration and motivation, to hold us strong along our roads.

So how can we motivate ourselves to stay strong and focused.

By having clearly defined goals that we have written down makes sure our motivation is driven from with-in, for lasting success.

Setting our expectations to be as practical and sensible as possible encourages and inspires us to achieve our goals.

Set OPEN process goals that help your journeys motivation to achieve your over all goal. i.e. clothing size, fitting that outfit in the wardrobe that's snug, feeling heathier, scale results 7lb, 14lb...

find a way of tracking that keeps the habit, that works around you and your lifestyle. Whether its pen & paper/journal, entering in an APP or photographs for mindfulness or later tracking. Tracking measures the progress, identifies triggers and holds yourself accountable.

Celebrate your success throughout your journey, rewarding yourself with non food rewards to further boost your motivation.

Attending these groups offers us strong social support, motivation and the facility to share ideas, to assist us along our journey.

It's pivotal that we plan for challenging times with coping strategies to be kind to ourselves until back on track.

Don't strive for Perfection as perfection is imperfection, as when you focus too much on one thing, you tend to neglect another. Allowing yourself flexibility and forgiveness allows yourself to stay motivated on your journey.

Use your camera to motivate yourself, so you have pictures to reflect your physical journey to spur motivation.


Motivation is important for long term success, along with flexibility and celebration along the journey, giving you the keys to unlock your goals.


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