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Holiday Intentions - Group talk week commencing 16th May 2022.

We are all booking, planning and preparing for our holidays this year, after the last two years of uncertainty and lockdown.

We are all different and all look to enjoy different aspects of what makes a holiday great for us individually. Some of us staying in the UK others venturing across the seas.

We have been preparing ourselves by losing a few pounds not always achieving what we set out, but happy with what we have achieved. The day has come we check ourselves out in the mirror, we smile and off we go.

  • Self catering

  • Bed and Breakfast

  • Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal - Half Board

  • Bed, Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meal - Full Board

  • All Inclusive

How can we return home after enjoying ourselves but limiting the gain.

  1. Remember whilst away your regular eating patterns and try to stick to the timings, not popping in and out of restaurants everytime you feel like it, especially when All Inclusive. If peckish in between meals remember small healthy snacks.

  2. When eating out do you need two, three, four, five courses, when at home you enjoy mainly just one.

  3. Try and avoid buffets you might have good intentions of eating well and eating small, but its hard to actually do.

  4. Think wisely when choosing drinks whether its with your meal or sat on the sun lounger by the pool or on the beech, skip cocktails packed full of sugar, syrups and soda's, I know the Pina Colada's, Margarita's are beautiful, but we're talking serious calorie intake.

  5. Keep active, walking around the beautiful tourist sites, towns, villages and markets or dance the night away, counter balancing the extra calorie intake as it will amaze you how many steps you can do without realising.

You have worked hard for this holiday in so many ways, enjoy and have no regrets.


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