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Have your Cake and eat it!! (Portion Control) - Group Talk - Week Commencing 5th December 2022.

Tis the season to eat and be merry.

We're all guilty of eating far too much on Christmas Day when calories don't count... do they?

Sadly, they do each and everyone of them. No I am not squashing your Christmas fun, I'm just advising you Indulge but not Over indulge. By enjoying the food we cook without adding extra unnecessary calories i.e. butter, oils... we are putting our health and well-being first.

Cooking the turkey on the crown without placing butter under the skin or basting in goose fat/oil, keeps the breast juicy and tender without additional calories.

Swapping full fat pork sausage meat and streaky bacon of the pigs in blankets for reduced fat or chicken heck sausage meat and bacon medallions or turkey rashers again reducing the calories.

Roasting the vegetables and potatoes in a fine spray of extra virgin olive oil instead of cooking in goose fat, cuts back the calories.

Not dressing the other vegetables in oil or butter means you appreciate the vegetables for their unique taste without additional calories.

With stuffing make those swaps where possible, if you are using a sausage meat stuffing use reduce fat sausage meat, with chestnut stuffing swap streaky/back bacon for bacon medallions, consider the bread you use, checking always for smart swaps.

With the gravy use the vegetables water rather than the meat juices for added flavour rather than added calories and with sauces use reduced sugar or sugar free.

Plating up.

Use a smaller plate, try not to double your carbohydrates, maybe swap the potatoes for the stuffing rather than having both.

Plate up your dinner yourself by putting all the foods on the table in tureens for everyone to plate their own. If you are up to it track, weigh and measure your meal.

One plate is enough, say no to seconds, and when tiding away/washing up remember 'Little pickers, wear big knickers'.

Remember it is OK to say 'NO', treat yourself, don't stuff yourself, feel NO guilt and enjoy.


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