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Group Talk - We eat with our Eyes. - Week Commencing 21st August 2023.

The phrase "We eat with our eyes" has never been more relevant, as social media influences our insatiable appetite with food porn.

How does this visual impact our food choices.

As people post photographs of their foods they are eating when out and about, we make a point of visiting the eatery the food was served, to embrace the similar experience.

When marketing new cookbooks, the detail in presenting the food and producing exceptional photographs to advertise the book is very important to draw in the sales.

This example of food presentation should continue in our own home/kitchen, as we prepare and present our own food that we eat, to entice our taste buds.

We subconsciously associate certain colours with clear tastes and flavours. The majority of people associate red with sweetness, yellow and green with sourness, brown and black with bitterness and white with salt. Reports show that children in there initial months already start grasping the relationship between colour and taste.

Plating techniques for your foods.

* Plate size - Your plate size should be of a size to allow your food to be visible and small enough to prevent dwarfing the portion

* Light v Dark Plates - The neutral of white plates as a background for brightly coloured foods is very popular. Dark plates are ideal for highlighting light coloured dishes.

* Plate colour - The colour of plates can reduce or stimulate appetites. Blue crockery is considered unappetising where as red is regarded as a stimulant of appetite. A lot of restaurants serve starters on red plates to entice customers to buy larger mains and desserts.

* Thirds - Your main element should be placed towards the left or right of the plate and not centrally.

* Clock face - Protein should be positioned between 3 and 9, starchy carbohydrates between 9 and 12 and vegetables between 12 and 3.

* Over Crowding - Plate simply focusing on the main ingredient. (Protein)

* Texture - Plate contrasting texture combinations.

You can plate your food to entice your appetite, so that you enjoy the flavours and taste experience to the maximum.


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