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Declutter your mind for weight loss - Group Talk - Week Commencing 30th October 2023.

At times our minds can suppress our motivation when it comes to weight loss, especially when we add too many restrictions. So how can we declutter our minds to keep motivated.

Time is valuable to us all and the thought of planning meals and tracking can feel like a waste of precious time or a faff. In fact it is valuable time spent, as when we are busy meals are planned and in hand to support us and tracking allows us the flexibility to know where we are if we have surprises.

Being organised clears stress and allows us to focus on what's at hand. Spending time as a family looking through recipe books chosing meals together is fun and quality time. It also means all enjoy the prepared. Or maybe you hand the responsibility to your partner if just the two of you and you are busy.

If it works for you maybe meals preparation at the weekends might be the way forward making batches of soup, casseroles and meals, whilst watching a film or as a family spending precious time together and teaching healthy eating and cooking skills to our children. Then having homemade ready meals in the fridge/freezer for the week ahead easing stress and allowing you to focus on other important jobs at hand.

Planning in advance by keeping your cupboards/fridge/freezers organised so you have all basics and that all are clear to identify at a glance, i.e. labels facing forward in your cupboards and grouped together with similar items or in your freezer you have draws identified as vegetables, chicken, pork, beef, bakery etc...

Keeping on top of your meals is key, as its one stress out of your day, allowing you to focus on work and family tasks, decluttering your mind and creating healthier habits supporting your health.

Tracking inadvance the meals we have planned, allows us to plan our other meals for that day, keeping our motivation strong, have a great week tracking to your success.


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