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Cooking and eating warming food without costing a fortune. - Group Talk - Week commencing 3rd Oct 22

Eating warming in season foods as temperatures drop, is more than our taste buds talking and our bodies thermal regulator calling for heat. Its our bodies way of imploring us to up our intake of valuable nutrients.

Its for more than just eating foods that are in season because there is a glut, so cheaper to buy.

In the Autumn and Winter our bodies gravitate towards warming foods like soups, stews, casseroles, mash potatoes...

The Autumn also brings us a glut of apples, that are packed with fibre and pectin which help digest those bulkier foods that we eat for warmth.

Benefits of using a Slow Cooker.

The extended cooking times of using a slow cooker allows better distribution of flavours.

Cooking at low temperatures reduces the chance of burning foods, or foods sticking .

The Slow Cooker cooking tenderises less expensive cuts of meats.

Slow Cookers can be set on timers and left unattended all day, which is brilliant for returning home after a long day, knowing tea is ready and waiting.

Slow Cookers use less energy than standard electric ovens.

A large 3.5l Slow Cooker on the new electricity tariff (1st Oct 2022)

  • costs 46p running for 4 hours

  • costs 92p running for 8 hours

A small 1.5l Slow Cooker on the new electricity tariff (1st Oct 2022)

  • costs 18p running for 4 hours

  • costs 36p running for 8 hours

An Electric 2100W Oven costs 71p per hour to run.

What do you make in a Slow Cooker.

  • Jacket Potato

  • Stews/Casseroles

  • Soups

  • Roast Dinner

  • Stemmed Puddings

Benefits of a Soup Maker.

A soup maker is all about making fresh soup, from fresh ingredients, quickly and cost effectively.

Different soup makers operate in a time scale of between 20-30 minutes offering both Chunky and Smooth soups.

Soup makers make around 1.5 litres of soup each time, which is a quantity suitable for four servings, allowing you to take a portion to work in your soup flask and refrigerate or freeze the other portions.

All ingredients go inside the soup maker with a stock, you chose whether your soup is to be smooth or chunky and your soup maker then heats up the contents, cooking the ingredients chopping and stirring them until its ready.

When finished the soup maker just needs rinsing and wiping clean.

A Soup Maker on the new electricity tariff

  • costs 9p running for 30 minutes

An Electric Hob 2000W costs 61p per hour to run

Additional Information

Microwave 1000W - Costs 34p per hour to run

Grill 1500W - Costs 51p per hour to run

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer - Costs 12p to run per 15 minutes


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