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Being Active - Group Talk - Week commencing 25th September 2023.

Life is hectic whether it's running around after a young family, going to work or caring for another, finding time to be active can be an obstacle. Having said that we are aware equally short bursts of activity can support our health and well-being.

We can make small tweaks to our day without adjusting our daily routines. In truth you might already be doing this without realising.

For example,

When out and about at the shopping centre or office use the stairs rather than the lift or escalator.

Park the car in the furthest parking space from the entrance to the shops, or venue you are going.

Get off the train or bus a few stops away from your destination so that you can walk the rest.

And don't forget when your on the phone walk around don't just be sedentary.

Being active doesn't mean you need to be sweaty for an hour. Infact each movement we do counts as being active - even taking the dog for a short walk.

We don't need a gym membership or home gym equipment to reach our activity objectives, playing with your children or stretching when you get out of bed can achieve them.

Any activity has to be suitable for your health, ability, time scales and enjoyment, maybe a brisk walk, some squats awaiting the kettle to boil, a bike ride or a bicep curl using a tin of beans repetitively, or Step-up on the stairs.

Being active doesn't need to feel like hard work. The importance is to do what you enjoy and stick to it around your hectic life, fitting it in when is convenient to you.

Activity is about more than what the scales report, it improves mood, sleep and lowers the risk of many diseases.


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