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Be Kind... To Yourself. - Group Talk Week Commencing 22nd August 2022.

In whole the majority of us are kind to others, it comes naturally, but sharing that same kindness on ourselves is often something we do not practice.

In the words of Oscar Wilde... ' To love oneself, is the beginning of a life-long romance.'

So how can we show kindness to ourselves, when we are often our own worst critic.

Taking time to practice mindful self-compassion, means viewing yourself positively and acknowledging that we deserve acceptance, understanding and kindness, even when it comes to our imperfections or when we are confronted with challenging times.

Consider how we speak to those we love and care about, and then reflect that voice on to ourselves. Be aware of your inner voice too - let it be a friend to you too, don't allow it to one that is disparaging or cruel. Having an inner friend can help pick ourselves up when coping with challenges allowing us to strategize better the situation.

Always be grateful and practice gratitude daily for the small things as well as the big things thinking of what we are grateful for in the morning, during the day and before bed, reflects positive focus during your day, and rethinking situations with a positive reflection can turn our emphasis helping strengthen our resilience.

By executing acts of kindness to others, however small, can have considerable impact - whether its smiling as you walk down the street at those passing, or adding the word 'Hello' or 'Good day', letting someone go in front of you in a queue, can up lift theirs and your well-being for that day.

Always take time to reflect on your day considering how you feel, you could journal this to help process your thoughts and emotions allowing you to manage more desirably.

Practicing self-care is an important act in the process of being kind to ourselves, by having routines and following them when getting ready for the day, during the day and at the end of the day, its important that we practice them, as it motivates us doing the things that we enjoy and are important to us.

Whether its thinking of three things you are grateful for before your feet touch the floor in the morning, or having a shower to start the day or is it breakfast first... whatever your routine is don't sacrifice it, its important to you.

If taking an hour a week to have your nails, eyebrows, feet, hair done, or meeting up with friends, sitting reading a book, is your time, don't miss it, as doing the things you enjoy motivates you and lifts your mood.


By being kind to ourselves allows us to be compassionate when struggling and takes positive steps to resolve the situation, it could be that the situation resulted in over eating don't beat yourself up, think kindly and know the next meal is a fresh start be compassionate to yourself.


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