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Why weigh your food - Group Talk - Week Commencing 4th March 2024.

I often say to you all track, weigh and measure, its the key to your weight goal success.

Honestly, do you

  • Track - APP/Diary

  • Weigh - The food you eat

  • Measure - Your journey

I know some of you measure the food you eat by using your hands as a guide of measurement:-

  • Palm of your hand - a portion of Meat, Fish and Chicken

  • Clenched fist - (1 cup) of Cooked Rice, Pasta, Potato, and Fruit

  • Handful - Nuts, Raisins

  • 2 Handfuls - Vegetables

  • Thumb - Peanut Butter, Hard cheese

  • Tip of Thumb - (1 teaspoon) oil, mayonnaise, margarine

Others of you say to me 'I use scales to get my EYE on what a portion is, then I'm set' and then you don't re check.

Studies find we very rarely get our portion sizes correct when using these methods, as we either under or over estimate.

Using measuring spoons/cups is another way of measuring, this is more accurate, however often the volume each time varies in actual weight.

Investing in a set of food scales, and using them to weigh all the foods you eat and drink will give you an accurate measurement to track, supporting your weight journey goals.

Which are the best food Scales to own;-

  • Scales that weigh in both grams and ounces.

  • A tare function, that allows you to zero before adding further ingredients.

  • Auto turn-off function.

  • A flat plate to add your own utensil to weigh-in.

  • Affordability.


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