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We are more than just a Number! - Group Talk - Week Commencing 16th January 2023.

Aiming to lose weight each week is hard, and facing the scales can lead to low self esteem, depression and lack in confidence.

We need to remember we are all more than a number, the scales do not define us, The scales only tell us our relationship with gravity, they cannot stipulate our happiness, success or self-worth.

We should never compare ourselves to others as we are all individuals and all different, not only externally but internally.

Before standing on the scales each week you need to celebrate what your body does:-

  • Its Strength

  • Its Speed

  • Its Power

it uses to do our weekly tasks and exercises, and the easier or improved these activities become as our body shape changes. Have respect for our amazing bodies.

The consider the person you are, an amazing person, who might be a mother, father, Grandmother, Grandfather, a good friend, a carer, a literary/maths whizz, a computer guru, a person that makes people smile/laugh...

Then contemplate the things you love about yourself; your smile, your arms/legs, your height, your eyes/nose, your laugh...

Then think about how your journey has gone this week, I tracked all week or part of the week, I've eaten Mindfully, I've stuck to my deficit, I've been active. Be honest with yourself which way do you think the scales will go...

Then question yourself do you actually want to know how much you weigh, or do you want to know just how much you've lost or gained each week, until you are ready for the numbers.

Always use other forms of measurements to support your journey not just the scales, measure yourself, as your inches can change when the scales don't.

Points to measure;

  • Neck

  • Upper Arm

  • Chest

  • Waist

  • Hips

  • Thigh

  • Calf

Its important we take care of our body by treating it as one of our best friends. Be kind to it, lifting it with words of praise. Dressing it to impress on every outing, as your body is beautiful, and deserves to be dressed accordingly.

Knowing we are eating a healthy balanced diet that boosts our immune system and energy levels and trying to be active regularly to support our well-being, and practicing positive self talk, supports us to be more confident with ourselves and our relationship with our bodies.


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