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Tracking - The secret to success - Group Talk - Week Commencing 17th July 2023.

Tracking is the secret to success and I repeatedly say those words because they are factual. Research reports those that track are more successful at losing weight and at keeping it off, another study shows those that track are likely to loose twice as much as those that don't.

Tracking the food we eat helps educate us as it allows us to Reflect on our eating habits the good, the bad and the ugly, it allows us to Replace our unhealthy habits with healthier ones, and it allows us to Reinforce those new eating behaviours.

Tracking the food we eat raises our awareness of our portion sizes and eating habits; referring to eating patterns, triggers and the emotional relationships we have with food; (eating our emotions). Tracking also allows us to recognise intolerances and sensitivities. It also allows us to appreciate our nutrient consumption and possible deficiencies. These all contribute to supporting our weight loss journeys, as everyday is a school day.

There are lots of tracking options, but the ultimate is in real time or in advance as if done in hindsight we are likely to forget the details.

We can use pen and paper using a diary or a journal recording the foods we eat and the portion size (weight) staying within our deficit.

Or we could photograph the food we eat and record the details later.

Another option is to use tracking app;

Whether its for the plan you are following

  • WW

  • Slimming World

  • Noom

  • Zoe Predict

  • The Fitness Chef

  • James Smith

  • The Body Coach

or one of the many calorie counting apps

  • Personally I prefer Nutracheck but you could use

  • See How You Eat (SHYE)

  • Lose it

  • NHS Weight Loss

  • My Net Diary

  • Lifesum

These are just a few of the many.

What is important to do is track every nibble, however quick you slip it in your mouth. It is important to also note why you are eating and how you are feeling.

I would always say to you remember 0.5lb a week is 26lb off a year, which is 2lb shy of 2 stone, when setting apps up for your deficit amounts if using calorie counting apps.

WW, SW apps have integral algorithm that calculate calories in to Synergy (Syns) (1 syn is approximately 20 calories) and Points (1 point is approximately 50 calories), accordingly to alternative websites.

Always eat a healthy balance of nutrients, protein, whole carbohydrates and healthy fats and avoid refined carbohydrates, highly processed foods and bad fats.

Research shows protein is the most filling nutrient and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, as protein reduces your level of the hunger hormone ghrelin.

The diversity of fibre is good for our gut health and overall health which supports weight loss.

Keep or start, Tracking, Weighing, and measuring to your success.


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