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Physical group support is key for successful weight loss. - Group Talk - Week Commencing 23/01/2023

A new research study (2016) funded by the Department of Health and supported by Public Health England, conducted by the Evidence for policy and Practice Information and Co-ordinating Centre. (EPPI centre) reveals that when attending a weight loss group, having a supportive relationship with the leader and sharing experiences with pears may be key to successful weight loss.

The research examined what aspects of programmes, UK individuals felt helped them to lose weight. They reported their motivation to commit to lose weight and attend groups was higher when they trusted and could relate to the leader, and by finding peers with-in the groups they could relate to.

At Friends On A Journey we offer a supportive and relatable leader, busy groups offering peer support, and community support via the Facebook private group where we can share our days journey, food ideas and ask questions in a closed environment.

The groups offer you 1 to 1 accountability and understanding; support or questioning why? Whilst gaining tips and inspiration to meet the challenges of the coming week.

As a group member you will meet your emotional, practical and inspiring needs from all members that attend the groups, where all share openly tips, and suggestion as often another has navigated before.

I hope that you all find the groups supporting and motivating and your personal feedback and suggestions are very much appreciated to develop Friends On A Journey.


Feedback from this weeks groups;

What do you get out of attending a weight loss group?

  • Caring touch

  • Tough love

  • Accountability

  • Understanding

  • Check-in

  • Emotional support

  • Practical suggestions

  • Inspiring journeys

  • Friends

  • Trust

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