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My own journey 22nd July 2023.

I have to look back at the bigger picture this week, and over the last 12 weeks.

*Yes I gained this week, but I know exactly why.#Comforteating #Companyeating #emotionaleating #tirednesseating. I hate that I have gained, but its me that ate the food and hunted it out, so no one else to blame. I ate 3375kCal over my deficit so there is the reason why I gained. I hold myself accountable.

No I'm not 6lb Lighter as I planned over the last 12 weeks But I am 1.5lb Lighter than I was 12 weeks ago *I am still over my goal but this is a new day, a new week, and a new 12 week tracker AND I will achieve my goal, however long it takes me to get there, I'm happy to be a tortoise and learn from life and its experiences along the way.

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