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My Journey 6th April 2024

Journeys are not easy, but by staying strong and focused we can achieve our goals.

This is not how I planned to start my second 12 week tracker of the new year, but it's honest and I've eaten more than I should after a very challenging week, infact 1699kCal more than my 1lb a week deficit.

This is a new week and yes yesterday I enjoyed a Chinese Takeaway, not to commiserate my results but to treat us as a family, after a tough week, yes it took me 589kCal over my daily but I can adjust my calories over the week to lose that, but if I don't I am just aiming for a 0.5lb off, which would be a great achievement.

We are in this together at Friends On A Journey, have a great week on track, stay strong and believe in yourself xxx

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