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Mindful Eating - Group Talk - Week Commencing 13th February 2023.

Why mindful eating, mindful eating helps us develop a positive relationship with food, by being more present when we're eating and taking the time to enjoy the good food we have created for ourselves.

Where does mindfulness originate; Mindfulness is a technique that draws on principles of Buddhism and meditation. Its about being more aware of the present moment, noting your surroundings, your thoughts, your body, as focusing intensely on the present moment.

How do we benefit from mindfulness, practicing mindfulness makes us more self-aware of our thoughts and feeling's and allows us to notice our emotions and deal with them more effectively.

Mindfulness is something we can all practice, whether its for just 10 minutes a day or all day, everyday, the benefits are overwhelming.

So what are the benefits of mindful eating, we learn to enjoy every mouthful we ingest, truly tasting all the flavours, textures, aromas and colours, we notice how it makes us feel, and it allows us to recognise the signals of fulness, it also helps us recognise physical and emotional hunger.

Mindful eating allows us to slow down and relax from the jostle of the days activities allowing us time to ease the stress and anxiety. It then benefits our digestion by taking time to eat, and allows us to have a greater connection with food.

How to mindful eat;

  • Take time to eat

  • Use smaller plates

  • Avoid distraction (No Screens or reads)

  • Avoid food labels (Good/Bad)

  • Plan meals

  • Routine Mealtimes

  • Eat food you enjoy that nourishes you

  • Engage your senses by noticing colours, smells, sounds, textures and Flavours

  • Notice the effects, food has on your feelings and body.

By eating Mindfully we acknowledge that there is no right or wrong way to eat but different angles of awareness in embracing the experience of food. Accepting each eating experience is unique.

We gain an awareness of the foods ethnicity, and its impact on our health. Take time to embrace Mindfulness and Mindful eating and reap its rewards to your health and well being.


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