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Improving our eating habits. - Group talk - Week Commencing 5th June 2023.

To enjoy a healthier diet, it is necessary to unite nutritional science, a nudge of common sense, and pleasure.

We know eating fresh fruits, salads and taking time to eat is far better for us than bolting down cereal bars and biscuits/chocolate. But how can we make the changes from our present habits to healthier ones.

When it comes to food and eating, along with others activities we create habits, some are good, and some are not so good. In regards to eating, a good habit is making time for a good balanced break-fast; bowl of cereal with fruit or a dry fry-up or poached egg on toast, rather than a not so good habit of grabbing a cereal bar or a piece of fruit, for break-fast.

To create successful healthier improvements to our eating habits requires a thoughtful perspective, where you need to consider; reflection, replacement and reinforcement.

  • Reflect; on your particular eating habits, both good and those that are not so good; consider the triggers - is it a common thread - to unhealthy choices.

  • Replace; those not so healthy habits, replace with healthier ones.

  • Reinforce; the healthier habit created.



  • Sad

  • Happy

  • Tired

  • Bored

  • Lonely

  • Stressed

  • Anxious


  • Binging

  • Speed

  • Eating for the sake of eating

  • Eating on the go

  • Sweet/High calorie treats

  • Not eating

  • Over eating

  • Clearing plate even if full

  • Always having a pudding

Using the note section on your APP's or writing in your journal or diary. The triggers; The habits; The times; The foods, will help you to identify the whys, to help identify how to navigate to reaching for healthier choices.


You often can not change the triggers, but you can change the habits for healthier ones. If speed i.e. eating too fast, is a habit take time to chop up your food and chew it properly, always using cutlery, or eat with another and hold a conversation, make sure your are fully immersed in the activity of eating, not reading, watching TV or on the phone, i.e. reducing distractions.

Plan meals or plan your cupboards, fridge, freezer to support you to reach for healthier food choices and navigate your time schedule's to give you time to eat, a healthy well balanced meal.


Keep repeating these healthier actions until they become healthier habits.

Six considerations to take on board when eating healthy, delicious meals that you will really enjoy.

  • discard all fats that are solid at room temperature this easy change reduces saturated fat within our diets.

  • embrace Nuts and seeds as are packed with valuable nutrients.

  • stop and taste your food before adding salt, reducing your salt intake is important for your health and well-being reducing blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Plan your lunches and prepare in advance, this supports you making healthy choices and healthy portion sizes.

  • eat 30 different plants a week within your diet

  • plan colourful, delicious and healthy meals that enlighten all our senses, as we eat with our eyes, ears, nose and mouths.

By creating healthier eating habits we will actually reduce the stress on our lives, and be more fulfilled with life, as we are supporting ourselves to achieve, our health's well-being goals.


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