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Heat and Travel - How it affects our Weight Loss - Group Talk - Week Commencing 19th June 2023.

How I am loving the beautiful weather we have been having, but it is all so controversial when it come to our weight loss journeys.

I hear conversations that you are enjoying eating salads and light healthier meals and are finally on track with your journeys, and that you are enjoying being more active over the course of the week as taking advantage of walks and activity in the early mornings or evenings, as the days are longer, brighter and warmer.

In fact the scales often don't share our hard work results as the Hot Weather usually causes water retention and often we can become dehydrated due to not drinking enough, in fact we should increase our fluid intake as the temperature rises, otherwise, bloating and dehydration can set-in, making it harder to achieve your weight loss goals.

As the heat gets up we often notice our feet and ankles become swollen/puffy known as fluid/water retention or Edema, this is a common health concern with various causes, some temporary and mild like Heat or after travelling (long distance/haul - road or air) or a symptom of a serious issue like Heart or Kidney failure.

The heat/travel causes blood vessels and capillaries to expand and dilate which allows more fluid to fill the spaces between tissue. i.e. causing bloating/swelling in your tummy, ankles or feet. This can be uncomfortable/painful. It can also make you feel uncomfortable about how you look if swollen and puffy.

How can we prevent fluid retention, as prevention is easier than expelling the extra water;

  • Keep active/move frequently. Do not sit or stand in the same position, constantly activate muscles by moving your legs/arms/body, by pumping muscles i.e. flexing toes, feet, ankles, calves etc...

  • Avoid foods known to make you retain fluid/dehydrate you, always check the nutritional information especially for Salt/Sodium, Alcohol, Caffeine and Spices.

It does take the body time to restore the blood vessels and capillaries, allowing the retained fluid to settle easing the Edema, after enjoying the heat or a long journey. Prevention is the best remedy where possible.


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